Why choose Mary and Singing Strong voice studio?

Letter from Executive Director Mary Mirtschin

Welcome to Singing Strong Voice Studio! I am thrilled that you are taking the time to read about who is educating you or your child.

Singing Strong was founded in 2010 by myself, Mary Mirtschin.
Prior to this I had been working as an educator in schools in Gippsland and Melbourne.

I wanted to create a voice studio that would educate and excite the inner musician both young and old. Most importantly I want to make music and singing relevant to the community.

I believe that there is music in everyone and through music we can lead happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

At Singing Strong voice studio, I aim to create a fun and creatively challenging environment where instruction is tailored to individual needs.

With music ranging from Bach to the Beatles and the latest hits, students develop strong technique as well as a solid musical knowledge and experience singing  in a wide range of styles in music.

Come and join me and let me help you find your inner voice!

Mary Mirtschin
Executive Director
Singing Strong voice studio